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Who We Are

  • Grassroots supporters who are committed to making a difference for our public schools

  • Local supporters who recognize the importance of proper funding of our schools for the benefit of all our children

  • Families who see a quality public education as a primary asset to our community

  • Retirees who know that a true community is no stronger than the quality of the public schools we maintain and support

  • Business owners who understand that a vibrant economy starts with our public schools and students

  • Community organizations that are aware of the vital role our public schools play in keeping our region extraordinary

Our Local Solution

  • The State of Michigan has restricted us for too long from adequately funding our local schools.

  • With Lansing unwilling to do what's right , we’re fixing it ourselves, quickly and simply.

  • With thousands like you, we can financially support our local schools.

  • Together, we can regain local control and do what's right for our local schools.

  • Become a Friend of TCAPS today and choose what you can afford to give.

  • Give monthly and watch what we can do locally for every TCAPS student.